Midnight Club: Los Angeles (PS3)

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Weight : 12+
Genre : Racing
Developer : Rockstar San Diego

One of Rockstar San Diego's goals with the game is to have players racing as often as possible, and to keep them from sifting through menu screens as much as it can. This streamlined presentation looks to work really well at this point as most menu pop-ups aren't separate screens but rather quick notifications that tell you what place you finished in and how much money you earned. You never leave your main view, and a single click of the button removes the menu and you're right back racing.

Starting a dynamic race against an opponent is as simple as flashing your lights in his or her general direction, and then racing them to the starting line. Yep, you read that right. Even getting to the race is a race in Midnight Club: Los Angeles, proof that you'll rarely find yourself just driving around without another car breathing down your tailpipe.

A new concept in Midnight Club: Los Angeles is the use of Reputation Points. You'll earn these just for racing, though the better you place the more you'll earn. Your Reputation Point total will dictate what cars you have at your disposal, which races you can partake in and so on. Whereas in past Midnight Club games it was possible to get stuck if you weren't quite good enough to beat a race or two, the Reputation Point system will ensure that even if you suck behind the wheel you'll be able to progress, albeit slowly. The harder the race you take on, the more you'll earn, so winning one long race may earn you multiple times the Reputation for winning a short sprint, giving you plenty of incentive for taking on the longer and riskier races.

After a race, it's likely that your ride will be all banged up, so you'll want to get it fixed before the next run so that you don't crash out. Instead of having to retreat to your garage to get repaired, a new Quick Fix option will allow you to get your ride integrity back up to 100%, though it won't exactly look pristine. Shoddy paneling and so forth will be used to repair your car, so though you'll be fully protected, you will have to head back to your garage in order to refit it with the right, snazzy-looking parts.

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