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Marmalade Boy DVD: Complete Series + Movie

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Number of Discs : 5 DVD
Episodes : 1 - 76 End + movie 
Dialogue / Language : Japanese 
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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Miki Koishikawa lived a normal life - until her parents tell her they'll get divorced. She doesn't agree, until she meets Yuu Matsuura... the handsome son of another couple, with whom her parents are switching spouses. They all live together now in an enormous house, and Miki and Yuu find themselves falling in love. They'll have to struggle with their own feelings, other people who want to be with them, and whatever Lady Luck and Fate throws in their ways...

Episode titles:

  • 1.There is love, he's handsome. But I can't forgive them
  • 2.Side effects of a kiss. He doesn't understand my feelings
  • 3.Two kisses. Yuu had a girlfriend
  • 4.Ginta's confession. I won't let you have her
  • 5.Legendary girlfriend. Making a wish on a medallion
  • 6.Love game. I really hate Ginta
  • 7.Love in Hokkaido. What's going on with that couple
  • 8.Fragrance of an adult. I'm not jealous
  • 9.Part time job. The war of love depends on sales
  • 10.Our first night. Surprise in the bathroom
  • 11.Birthday. Yuu is watching me
  • 12.Smash. I love both Yuu and Ginta
  • 13.Love and friendship. Ginta, please take Arimi
  • 14.Qualification of love. You don't deserve Yuu
  • 15.Meiko's secret. I want to know about your feelings
  • 16.A man's decision. Na-chan, please don't quit
  • 17.Meiko's separation. I can't say goodbye
  • 18.The direction of Yuu's love. Things aren't going as planned
  • 19.Disturbed by the family register. Don't say it's ridiculous
  • 20.Doubtful twosome. Yuu and Miwa are a couple
  • 21.Trip to Karuizawa. Just as I thought -- strange
  • 22.Double date. We like each other, but don't understand each other
  • 23.Impact of a confession. Yuu what are you talking about
  • 24.The secret of Yuu's birth. I can't leave Yuu alone
  • 25.Real kiss. I love you, Yuu
  • 26.New anxiety. I'm too afraid to be happy
  • 27.Love worries. How long will this happiness last
  • 28.Unstable feelings. I'm going to get a part time job
  • 29.Obstacle of love. I can't find the medallion
  • 30.Rival. I love you, Yuu
  • 31.Suzu and Kei. Those two make me nervous
  • 32.Love at the school festival. Yuu and Kei's concert
  • 33.Lost love. I love you
  • 34.Breakup premonition. The Halloween conspiracy
  • 35.Crossing each other's path. You mean we are going to break up
  • 36.I'm alone. I'll make you forget him
  • 37.Tearful reunion. I thought it was over between us
  • 38.Anju's feelings. I want to be next in line to Miki
  • 39.A bitter love. I've loved Yuu for a long time
  • 40.A Holy night. I'm alone on Christmas Eve
  • 41.The morning of lovers. Merry Christmas
  • 42.New Year's pattern of love. It's going to be a wonderful year
  • 43.Ski trip. I won't let you two be alone
  • 44.Our future. Yuu's dream, my dream
  • 45.Meiko's turnabout. I'm going to Hiroshima
  • 46.To Hiroshima. Let me be by your side again
  • 47.Couple on the beach. Because I care about you
  • 48.The flavour of chocolate. Sweet and bitter Valentine
  • 49.The shape of love. It's difficult to be happy
  • 50.The foreign exchange student appears. Michael is...strange
  • 51.Love triangle. Someone's messing things up...
  • 52.Making a decision under the moonlight. Yuu don't leave me alone!
  • 53.Making a memory. I won't regret it if anything happens
  • 54.New life. Yuu I wonder how you're doing
  • 55.Ripples again. New York is too far away
  • 56.Lost pathway to love. My boyfriend is Yuu but...
  • 57.Passing each other. I can't bear it! I'm so lonely...
  • 58.Tone of a love confession. I want you to see me as a man
  • 59.An uneasy weekend. I want to hear Yuu's voice
  • 60.My love is far away. Yuu is in front of me
  • 61.New York trap. Yuu, was I stupid?
  • 62.Goodbye. I can't be your girlfriend anymore
  • 63.Holding back the tears. I want to be alone
  • 64.A pair's problems. I want to hear you voice
  • 65.Solid decision. Miki...I'll take her
  • 66.New choice. You don't have to forget him
  • 67.Friends. I need Kei!
  • 68.Indecisive lovers. Goodbye Ginta
  • 69.The courage to love. I've decided
  • 70.I'm home. What kind of face should I put on to meet him?
  • 71.A night of stars & the moon. Although we're near each other...I'm lonely
  • 72.Half brother and sister. Our happiness is breaking down
  • 73.Farewell. I had to do it...
  • 74.A box of memories. Bye bye Yuu
  • 75.Brother and sister. We have to be separate
  • 76.Departure. Our love progresses
  • 77.
  • 78.

Alternative Titles:
La Familia Crece (Spanish)
Piccoli problemi di cuore (Italian)
ママレード ボーイ (Japanese)
橘子醬男孩 (Chinese (Taiwan))