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Marchen Awakens Romance DVD: Complete Edition

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Number of Discs : 5
Episodes : 102
Running Time : 3060 mins
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English
Director : Masaharu Okuwaki
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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Ginta is a Japanese high school boy who often fantasizes about a land known as Mar Heaven. One day, he is mysteriously summoned to the imaginary land, which in fact turned out to be real. Upon reaching there, he learns of powerful weapons known as Arms that exist in Mar Heaven. With the companions and friends that he meets during his travels, the group seeks to destroy the Chess, a faction led by the mysterious Phantom, which is determined to bring about Mar Heaven's Ultimate Demise for reasons unknown.

Marchen Awakens Romance (TV):

  • 1.Open! Door to Another World!
  • 2.Babbo: The Legendary ÄRM!
  • 3.Jack's Battle Shovel in Action!
  • 4.Lost and Found Babbo!
  • 5.Alviss, The Mysterious Young Man!
  • 6.Snow, The Young Girl Inside The Ice!
  • 7.Awaken! Meet the Other Ed!
  • 8.Phantom, The Undead Knight!
  • 9.The Training Gate- Merilo and Bumoru
  • 10.The Second Great War Begins
  • 11.Babbo: Version 2!
  • 12.Nanashi, Chief of Luberia!
  • 13.Nanashi Vs. Orco at the Underground Lake!
  • 14.Babbo Version Three: Gargoyle
  • 15.John Peach, The Seventh Team Member?
  • 16.The War Games Commence!
  • 17.First Battle: Alviss Vs. Leno!
  • 18.First Battle: Part 2, Jack Vs. Pano!
  • 19.Captain Ginta and Gargoyle Vs. Garon!
  • 20.Back to the Training Gate! Learn How To Really Fight!
  • 21.The Deseret Field and the Fighting Princess!
  • 22.Nanashi Vs. Loco and the Straw Doll
  • 23.Dorothy: A Witch To Be Feared!
  • 24.Phantom's Hidden Joy!
  • 25.Alan: The Man Who Came Late!
  • 26.Show Your Stuff, Jack: Funky Fungi!
  • 27.Snow At the Volcano Mountain Range Field
  • 28.Accursed Candle! Ginta Vs. Kannochi!
  • 29.Another Zombie Tatto! Alviss Vs. Rolan!
  • 30.Phantom and the Zodiac Knights
  • 31.Shadow Battles! Gargoyle Vs. The Dark Gargoyle!
  • 32.The Quiet Fighting Spirit . . . Alviss' Power!
  • 33.Team MÄR on the Ropes
  • 34.Aqua, Akko, and The Nanashi Method!
  • 35.Girom Counterattacks! Egola Vs. Gargoyle!
  • 36.Sing, Crazy Quilt, Sing! Dorothy Vs. Rapunzel!
  • 37.To Caldia, The Land of Witches
  • 38.Ginta Vs. Phantom
  • 39.Ash, The Knight Who Protects Children
  • 40.The Worlds Ugliest Match! Snow vs. Emokis!
  • 41.Alviss' Crisis: Stolen Magical Power!
  • 42.Sensation! The Knight Candice, Stone User!
  • 43.Battlefield of Death! The Psycho Space!
  • 44.Fateful Mortal Combat! Nanashi Vs. Galian!
  • 45.Lightning Vs. Lightning! Nanashi's Memory Returns!
  • 46.The Knight Reborn: Ian's Revenge
  • 47.Alviss' Struggle
  • 48.Dorothy's Anger! The Desert Tower!
  • 49.The Zonnens Infiltirate the Training Gate!
  • 50.Alviss Vs. Nanashi! Forbidden Labyrinth!
  • 51.Dorothy Vs. Snow! The Allure of Lippenstift
  • 52.Concentrate! The Power of the Sixth Sense!
  • 53.Defeat of Phantom
  • 54.Alan's Goosebumps
  • 55.The Unforgiving Alviss
  • 56.You Can Eat, Dorothy
  • 57.Snow's Smile
  • 58.Ian's Anger
  • 59.Ginta Returns to Tokyo
  • 60.Nanashi's Reckless Move
  • 61.Deep Depths of Dorothy's Mind
  • 62.Alan the Famous Detective
  • 63.Alviss and Girl
  • 64.Koyuki's Mask
  • 65.The Strange Country, Ririss
  • 66.Princess Reginleif's Secret
  • 67.The New ARM of Loco and Curse
  • 68.Beginning of the Last Battle
  • 69.Jack and the Guardian of Flame
  • 70.Rematch: Alviss VS Rolan
  • 71.The Eternal Moment
  • 72.The Bride of Sorrow (Chimera)
  • 73.Alan's Old Wound (Trauma)
  • 74.Farewell Old Friend (Halloween)
  • 75.Luberia's Oath
  • 76.Scarlet Claw (Garnet Crow)
  • 77.Ginta vs. Phantom
  • 78.The Most Evil Cat Guardian
  • 79.The Decision
  • 80.The Cute Visitor
  • 81.Splitting Babbo
  • 82.The Roar of Revival
  • 83.Ian and Bride
  • 84.Get Back Snow
  • 85.Tempest of Love, Zephyroth Broom
  • 86.The Round Dance of Time (Rondo)
  • 87.Fortified City Barugain
  • 88.Phantom's Dream
  • 89.Awakening of Zombie Tattoo
  • 90.Oblivion of Klavier
  • 91.Alviss's Closing Eyes (No Name)
  • 92.Misty Castle
  • 93.Analyse of Hades
  • 94.The Scattered and Dyed Rose
  • 95.The Truth of Snow
  • 96.False Peace
  • 97.Flame Disperses, Water Sleeps
  • 98.Farewell, Tender-Hearted Chess
  • 99.Light of Alviss
  • 100.Tempest of Woe, Zephyroth Broom
  • 101.Ginta vs. Danna
  • 102.The Excitement Never Stops
GenreAction, Fantasy