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Man of Honour / Glory Jane DVD

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Title Name : Man of Honour / Glory Jane DVD Number of Discs : 6 DVDs (24 Episodes) Starring : Park Min Young, Chun Jung Myung, Lee Jang-woo Dialogue / Language : Korean/Mandarin Subtitles : English/Chinese/Malay Regions Coding : NTSC, All Regions

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Man of Honour / Glory Jane

Yoon Jae-In (Park Min Young) is a hard-working nurse who does not remember her past. In fact she is the daughter of Yoon Il-goo (Ahn Nae Sang) who was the president of a trading company. He was killed in a car accident by his friend Seo Jae-myung (Son Chang Min) by ordering his former chauffeur Kim In-bae (Lee Ki Yeol), to make sure that Jae-myung takes over control on the company. When Jae-In's mother Eun-joo (Jang Young Nam) received news of her husband's accident she took Jae-In and drove to the hospital. However, due to heavy rains, they got into a car accident that caused by Jae-myung's goons, which separated the mother and daughter. Jae-myung ordered In-bae to send Jae-In, who had lost all of her memories at the time, to an orphanage, where In-bae told her to never forget her name.

17 years later, In-bae's son, Young-kwang (Chun Jung Myung), is a baseball player who had a fallout with his rival, Jae-myung's son, In-woo (Lee Jang-woo). He was spoiled and arrogant, and when he was injured, he was brought to the same hospital. There, Young-kwang met Jae-In from her saving him with a blood transfusion.