Magister Negi Magi: Complete Box Set (DVD)

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Number of Discs : 3
Episodes : 26-Jan
Running Time : 780 mins
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English
Director : Nobuyoshi Habara
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

10-year old Negi Springfield is a wizard-in-training, and needs only to pass one more test in order to become a Master Wizard. Unfortunately, his final task is a bizarre one- to become a English teacher at an all-females boarding school. As soon as he arrives, he completely embarasses one of his students, Asuna Kagurazaka, and replaces the teacher she loves, which garners her hatred. To make matters worse, Asuna learns that Negi is a wizard,and promises to tell unless he helps her out. But, unfortunately, circumstances force them to work together to do many things, from fighting evil wizards to helping the class pass their final exam, with a lot of humor, magic, and romances thrown in.


Magister Negi Magi:

  • 1. The Blockhead in the Professor's Chair
  • 2.Every Beginning is Difficult
  • 3.Lovers, Lunatics
  • 4.No Place is like Home
  • 5.Rumor Flies
  • 6.Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  • 7.The Appearence of Things are Deceptive
  • 8.The Same Night Awaits Us All
  • 9.I'll Get You, You Wascally Rabbit
  • 10.Where There is Unity, There is Victory
  • 11.Their Silence Speaks Louder than Words
  • 12.Either Learn or Leave
  • 13.We Live and Learn
  • 14.May the Memory of Our Friendship Be Everlasting
  • 15.A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
  • 16.Love, and a Cough, are not Concealed
  • 17.Nothing is Difficult for Those You Love
  • 18.Love Knows No Rules
  • 19.Words Fly Away, the Letter Remains
  • 20.Unless You Believe, You will not Understand
  • 21.Never Despair
  • 22.It is Difficult to Joke in a Sad Frame of Mind
  • 23.Remember Mortality
  • 24.Both Weapons And Words Can Wound
  • 25.Certain Death, Uncertain Hour
  • 26.Non mihi, non tibi, sed nobis - XXVI


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