Magister Negi Magi 2 : Negima!! : Complete Box Set (DVD)

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Number of Discs : 3
Episodes : 26-Jan
Running Time : 780 mins
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English
Director : Akiyuki Shinbo
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

Negi Springfield has graduated from magic school and is sent off to Japan to further his studies. He becomes the homeroom/english teacher at an exclusive private school and has run-ins with an enemy of his father, as well as with Asuna, who makes his life a living hell, and that's before she discovers his secret. He learns about (and from) his students and about himself in order to become a master mage, like his father before him.


Magister Negi Magi 2 : Negima!?:
  • 1. Eh! Even If You Suddenly Say I Have 31 People!
  • 2. No Way, You Have to Do This for a Provisional Contract!?
  • 3. Hmm, So That's How You Make a Provisional Contract Card
  • 4. Teacher... This is my First Time...
  • 5. The Security Deposits In Tokyo Sure Are Expensive! Or Rather, Wasn't That What A Provisional Contract Was Supposed To Mean?
  • 6. I'm Sorry, But Can't It Be On The Forehead Or Cheek Instead?
  • 7. Um...Though There Are Some Things Better Left Unseen, I Think There Are Other Things That Should Be Seen  
  • 8. Sensei, Please Make Us Adults♥
  • 9. A Concealed "Heart" in "Blade" Is Read As "Shinobi". Writing "Honki" And Reading It As "Maji" Is Slightly Different
  • 10. Hiding From Me And With Negi-sensei? That's Something I'll Never Approve Of!
  • 11. Hmm, So A Baron Is A Type Of Rose? I Thought It Was Some Kind Of Potato
  • 12. Well, After All That Reasoning It Comes Down To Just How One Feels
  • 13. It's More A Problem Of Whether You Get In Master's Way Rather Then Being An Enemy / I Know That Cheerfulness Is My Only Redeeming Feature, But You  Didn't Have To Put It That Way...(Sob) / The Phoenix Resurrects, Bathed In Flames!
  • 14. To Put It Bluntly, Scientific Theories And Magic Do Not Mix
  • 15. There's a rising commotion as to how everyone will get along in unexpected situations / How will everyone get along?
  • 16. Yesterday's enemy is today's friend! / Quarreling in a relationship is perfectly fine / Disagreeing is also part of love
  • 17. Natsumi, Family is the home run king of relationship, after all! / I really don't understand, Chizu-nee
  • 18. There are people who like to expose secrets! / Chu Chu is also angry! Pun Pun!*
  • 19. It would be great to go back to your childhood and have fun. Even if you can't return to childhood you can still have fun right?
  • 20. Even if one is said to have a big appetite, that's not really the case.
  • 21. Takamichi, the silent ramen man. / What the heck!?
  • 22. Aiya, a really strange thing just started to happen! This surely is the end of the world!
  • 23. Hold on, that's not what I meant Negi-kun!
  • 24. Negi-sensei, looks like it's the climax now! / Lets's all go home together ok, Negi-kun!
  • 25. So this case is... closed!?


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