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Love in Heaven DVD (completed)

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Title Name : Love in Heaven DVD (completed) Number of Discs : 15 DVDs (Completed) Starring : Yoon Jeong Hee, Jo Yeon Woo, Lee Tae Gon Dialogue / Language : Korean/Mandarin Subtitles : English/Traditional Chinese/Malay Regions Coding : NTSC, All Regions

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A complicated and unimaginable background,
A thought of getting a happy ending…

“Trust is build with true love…”
“Their love blooming like pure dandelions…”

Ji Young-sun( Han Hye-suk) experienced hardship in her love life when she was young. She gave birth to a daughter, Ja-kyung (Yoon Jeong-hee) and left her without any regret. Then, she got married and gave birth to Seul-ah (Lee Su-kyeong). When her husband has passed away, she could only rely on her step son, Wang-mo (Lee Tae-gon). One day, she met her daughter, Ja-kyung. Since then, she decided to be with her daughter no matter what it takes.

Lee Ja-kyung never gets to know her birth parent. Since her foster father passed away, she doesn’t have anyone to depend on and she need to be independent. Ja-kyung was being tortured by her foster family because she fell in love with her uncle. Although she was upset with the impossible love, she’s trying her best for her career and love. Until one day, she met with Wang-mo and fell in love with her mother’s step son.