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Limit / Rimitto DVD

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Production : TV Tokyo 2013 Title Name : Limit / Rimitto DVD Number of Discs : 3 DVDs (12 episodes) Complete Starring : Nanami Sakuraba, Tao Tsuchiya, Katsuhiro Suzuki & Ayano Kudo Dialogue / Language : Japanese Subtitles : English/Chinese Regions Coding : NTSC, All Region Code

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Konno (Nanami Sakuraba) is a high school student. She belongs to the the most powerful group in the class, which is led by Sakura Himezawa, so she can have a peaceful school life. One day, on the way to a school exchange event, a school bus driver dies due to overwork. The bus goes off a cliff.

Including Sakura Himezawa, a majority of Konno's classmates die in the accident. Only 5 girls including Konno survive. The other four survivors are Kamiya (Tao Tsuchiya), Haru (Ayano Kudo), Arisa (Rio Yamashita) and Chikage Usui. These five girls have to survive and during their struggles they express their feelings which they have held inside.