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Korean Drama : Couple of Trouble DVD (夢幻情侶)

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Item Code : -- Title Name : Couple of Trouble DVD (夢幻情侶) Version : Korean / Mandarin Number of Discs : 4 Discs (Complete Series) Starring : Oh Ji-ho 吳志浩, Han Ye-seul, Kim Seong-min &# Subtitles : Chinese / English / Malay Screen Format : DVD / NTSC & All Region Code

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Cho Anna's parents have passed away while she was a child. Her grandmother who looked after her through the years left her huge amount of inheritance when she was twelve. Since she is an orphan and all her relatives are only aiming for her wealth, she becomes an arrogant, inconsiderate and a grouchy woman who treats others as her servants. Even her husband (Billy) plans to get rid of her. On the other hands, Jang Cheol-su is an ordinary guy who runs a small company with his friend. He's working so hard to look after his 3 nephews left by his elder brother. Moreover, his first lover has left him. The encounter of both unrelated characters has created a new fun in the old amnesia plot. An arrogant woman with amnesia and a cheeky bumpkin have brought out a hectic love comedy!

Zhao Anna a small orphaned, stroking her grandmother grew up also when she was 12 years old died, the huge amount of inheritance. Because no relatives, only a group of Chinese and relatives of her property, so she grew up to become an arrogant, do not know how considerate people will only see others as servants arrogant woman. Even her only family, her husband Billy does want to leave her. The Zhang Zhexiu is an ordinary extraordinary man, runs a very small-scale companies and friends. To upbringing by his elder brother left three nephews lived very difficult, the first lover has left him. Is so irrelevant to the two people they encountered with the vulgar to the amnesia plot play out new ideas. Arrogant woman with amnesia and cheeky man, the interpretation of a lively romantic comedy!