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Kimchi Family / Fermentation Family DVD

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Title Name: Kimchi Family / Fermentation Family DVD Number of Discs: 6 DVDs (Ep 1 - 24 End) Starring: Song Il Gook, Park Jin Hee, Lee Min Young & Choi Jae Sung Dialogue / Language: Korean/Mandarin Subtitles: English/Chinese/Malay Regions Coding: All code, Region Free

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Kimchi Family / Fermentation Family DVD

Ko Ho-Tae was just 4 years old when he abandoned by his mother at orphanage and become involed with maffia at 17. While at western food restaurant when Lee Kang-san received call from her sister Woo-joo for her father's birthday at same time Ho-tae forced the man for debt. Kang-san see Ho-tae who was drunk and takes him into her home. Ho-tae puzzled his past when he remember his past at Kang-san's home.