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Karas DVD (OAV)

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Number of Discs : 1 DVD Episodes : 6 OAV Dialogue / Language : Japanese Subtitles : English (On/Off) Director : Keiichi Satou Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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In the city of Shinjuku, a conflict between a rouge Karas by the name of Eko and the "will of the city" rage in a conflict for dominance. A Karas brought about to fight the rouge has fallen, leaving the city and its inhabitants defenseless. Soon after, Otoha, a comatose patient, is chosen to become a new Karas to face off the rouge Karas Eko to decide the fate of the city and its inhabitants.

Alternative title:
  • The Karas
  • Карас (Russian)

Karas DVD (OAV) Episode Titles:

  • 1. Karas Opens Its Eyes
  • 2. Wheels of Flame
  • 3. Destruction's Awakening
  • 4. The Human Otoha
  • 5. The Fantastic District
  • 6. The True Legend