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Kamen Rider Ryuki (TV 1 - 50 End) DVD

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Item Code : MIR 0905 Title Name : Kamen Rider Ryuki / 龙骑 Version : Japanese / Cantonese Number of Discs : 2 Discs (50 Episodes) Starring : -- Subtitles : Chinese / English / Malay Screen Format : DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
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An evil General known as Xaviax has taken over the Mirror World and their warriors- the Kamen Riders. Now hes set his eyes on Earth as his next target, but when he kidnaps Frank Taylor, it sets his son Kit on the path to become the new Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Now Kit, along with Wing Knight Len, must recover the Advent Decks from evil Kamen Rider's and stop Xaviax's plan. Shinji Kido is a carefree, inexperienced reporter for the ORE Journal, becomes Kamen Rider Ryuki in order to protect people from the monsters living inside the Mirror World and stop the senseless war among Riders that Shiro Kanzaki has started. Each Rider (except for Shinji), was lured into the Rider's battle with the promised of having his wish come true if he is the last one standing. Among the chaos Shinji somewhat befriend Ren Akiyama (Kamen Rider Knight) and Kanzaki's sister Yui.

Episode titles:

  • 1.The Secret Story's Birth
  • 2.Giant Spider Counterattack
  • 3.School Ghost Story
  • 4.School Ghost Story 2
  • 5.The Monster's Antique Store
  • 6.The Mysterious Rider
  • 7.A New Species is Born?
  • 8.The Fourth, Zolda
  • 9.Shinji's Arrested!?
  • 10.Knight's Crisis
  • 11.The Mysterious Empty Train
  • 12.Ren Akiyama's Lover
  • 13.That Man, Zolda
  • 14.Revival Day
  • 15.Iron Mask Legend
  • 16.Card of Destiny
  • 17.The Grieving Knight
  • 18.Jailbreak Rider
  • 19.Rider Gathering
  • 20.The Traitorous Ren
  • 21.Yui's Past
  • 22.Raia's Revenge
  • 23.Changing Destiny
  • 24.Ouja's Secret
  • 25.Combining Ouja
  • 26.Zolda's Assault
  • 27.The 13th Rider
  • 28.Time Vent
  • 29.Marriage Interview Battle
  • 30.Zolda's Lover
  • 31.The Girl and Ouja
  • 32.Secret Data Gathering
  • 33.The Mirror's Magic
  • 34.Friendship's Battle
  • 35.Enter Tiger
  • 36.The Battle Ends
  • 37.Sleep is Awakening
  • 38.Targeted Yui
  • 39.A Dangerous Sign
  • 40.Memories of an Older Brother and Younger Sister
  • 41.Imperer
  • 42.Room 401
  • 43.The Hero Fights
  • 44.Glassy Happiness
  • 45.The Twentieth Birthday
  • 46.Tiger's a Hero
  • 47.Determination of Battle
  • Tatakai no Ketsudan
  • 48.The Final 3 Days
  • 49.Granting a Wish
  • 50.A New Life