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Kamen Rider Fourze (TV 13 - 18) DVD

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Item Code : MIR 1365 Title Name : Kamen Rider Fourze / 假面超人Fourze Version : Japanese Number of Discs : 1 Disc (5 Episodes) Starring : -- Subtitles : Chinese / English / Malay Screen Format : DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
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The series will focus on Gentaro Kisaragi, a second-year student at Amanogawa High School (天ノ川学園高校 Amanogawa Gakuen Kōkō?, "Amanogawa" translates as Milky Way) who has a bad-boy image but seeks to make friends with those he meets at the school by forming a Kamen Rider Club for investigating the urban legends of the past Kamen Riders in the area.[10][11] He is joined in the club by Kengo Utahoshi, who has a strange switch-like device called an Astro Switch, along with access through his locker to a lunar base called the Rabbit Hutch (ラビットハッチ Rabitto Hatchi?) and the super-bike known as the Machine Masshigler (マシンマッシグラー Mashin Masshigurā?), and Yuki Jojima, a self-professed space otaku who also knows of the Astro Switches and the lunar base. They are opposed by third-year student Miu Kazashiro, a cheerleader and the self-appointed queen of Amanogawa High; assisted by Shun Daimonji, third-year student captain of the school's American football team; Tomoko Nozama, a first-year student and Goth girl who always carries around her tablet computer; and JK, another first-year student who often trades secrets for favors. The second-year homeroom teacher and classic literature teacher is Sarina Sonoda, who all of her students trust, and Chuta Ohsugi serves as the school's geoscience teacher. There is also a mysterious red-eyed man who is seen around Amanogawa High who gives out mysterious items called Zodiart Switches (ゾディアーツスイッチ Zodiātsu Suitchi?), which transform people into monsters known as Zodiarts (ゾディアーツ Zodiātsu?).

"The Kamen Rider Fouze" from the September 4, 2011 from 8:00-8:30 every Sunday morning broadcast on TV Asahi. For Heisei Kamen Rider series of 13 works, is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Kamen Rider Series. The name comes from the 40 4 (Four) and 0 (Zero). And Gakuen drama stage. Galaxy Gakuen high school. High school students Rider as the the protagonist "Gakuen drama" the first time in history, "Kamen Rider" challenges. Protagonist Kisaragi chord Taro (ki sa ra the gi · げ ん た ろ う), short the Regent hair posture (contemporary?) Bad boy. The change schools hurried Declaration "Gakuen students and friends of all the staff" stupid kid chord Taro encounter with the mysterious "switch" and the lunar surface base classmate, singer Kengo. It is the encounter of the two, the fate of the switch. Kamen Rider Fourze born. String Taro joy youthful heyday of high school life, how to balance linked to the activities of the hero of the universe? Chord Taro and high school students before blocking Who is the enemy of mankind? High school students Rider now, fly the universe! "Young people growth of the TV series "spirit of children and adults. Description of the youth of the young people grow together with friends to the stage of the universe and the academy, happy entertainment.Expect for "Kamen Rider" to the 40th anniversary of the New World