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Japanese Drama : The Book of Human Insects Ningen Konchuki DVD (人间昆虫记)

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Title Name : The Book of Human Insects Ningen Konchuki / 人间
Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 3 Discs
Starring : Minami / Arata
Subtitles : Chinese / English
Screen Format : DVD / NTSC & All Region Code

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At a theater, Tomura Toshiko (Minami) stares intently at Nishikawa Keiko's performance on stage. After the curtain falls, Toshiko negotiates personally with the director, Hachisuka Hyoroku, and joins the theater group. She becomes an assistant to Keiko, whom she idolises. While she tends to Keiko's every need, she gets close to Hachisuka by using seductive techniques and wrests the role of leading actress from Keiko. Having ousted Keiko, Toshiko says she will study directing and forces Hachisuka to leave the group. It is decided that Toshiko will play the lead as well as direct the stage performance. The designer, Mizuno Ryotaro, turns up for a meeting on the poster.

Gorgeous hero ten village ten branches between the actors, designers, writers the incarnations like insects. But this is not because of her talent, but because she is a human imitation. She is a genius or God made out ...... Insects beauty and lived there for the same men. Never repeated themselves and love others. Blend era of justice and evil, had repeated the sins of mankind. The Osamu Tezuka we bring the drama of a study the extremely human nature and divine retribution.