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Japanese Drama : She's A Steely Woman DVD (钢之女2)

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Title Name : She's A Steely Woman / 钢之女2
Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 3 Discs
Starring : Michiko Kichise
Subtitles : Chinese / English
Screen Format : DVD / NTSC & All Region Code

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36-year-old Haga Ineko (nickname: Hagane) successfully passed the teachers’ exam with the support of the children of Class 4/3. She would like to say that she is still single, but Shioda Wataru, her boyfriend and former assistant form teacher of Class 4/3, proposed marriage to her. Looking at the engagement ring she received from him gives her happiness … … However, one day, Tao, a girl whose parents were deported out of the country for illegal entry into Japan, transfers to Aikawa Elementary School and to Hagane’s class. Even though she is of a different nationality, she is certainly a beloved student of Hagane’s. Hagane accepts Tao with that sentiment, but Tao, who has bitter animosity for Japanese, quickly gets into conflicts with her classmates. Hiroshi and Airi try to understand Tao, but she has firmly shut her heart off and steadily gets isolated. The final blow is a rumour that Tao had shoplifted. This spreads around the school and the bullying escalates. Is she really the culprit? Hagane, who wishes to melt the ice in Tao’s heart, heads to the elementary school that Tao had attended before her transfer and speaks to her former classmates but … …

Fourth grade 3 classes encourage children, 36-year-old steel female "Haga rice (Kichise, Michiko ornaments) passed the teacher recruitment examination. Hey, still single ah ... "when she was about to say, the former deputy head teacher and current boyfriend Yantian (retouched) to marry him, her, admiring her engagement ring Yantian to sip with this happy happy flavor. But did not last long, one day, a couple of illegal immigrants have been repatriated, while their daughter, multi-thread (Black Kawasaki レ, decorated イ ナ) that go to the the steel woman responsible for the class. Even if a different nationality, the child as their own students, there is no doubt deserve their own care. Steel female holding such a mood to accept her, but multithreading with great hostility, the Japanese started going to school with classmate truth clothing (Yoshida inside piano decorated) conflict. The small widely the (household Valley flooding ornaments) and love pears the (Bridge Wangmei decorated) Although you want to understand multi-thread, but the the heart door closed multi thread has gradually been isolated. In hot pursuit as the school began to spread rumors of her stealing her bullying also will accelerate. Thief really multithreading? Steel women determined to want a way to warm the heart of multi-threading, so to multithreaded primary to her original classmates confirmation ...