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Japanese Drama : My Papa is Idol DVD (我的爸爸是偶像)

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Title Name : My Papa is Idol / 我的爸爸是ࠋ
Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 3 Discs
Starring : Nishikido Ryo / Yuka / Kawashima Umika / Imai Yuki / Tani Kanon
Subtitles : Chinese / English
Screen Format : DVD / NTSC & All Region Code

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A man apprehensively visits the Hanamura family at a residential neighbourhood in Tokyo. He is super idol Nishikido Ryo of Kanjani8. He is there to seek the family’s permission to marry Haruka. Haruka’s mother, Natsu, shows interest in his income as an idol. Haruka’s eldest daughter, Mei, is violently opposed to having an idol as her father while her younger son, Yuto, is uninterested and her younger daughter, Kana, expresses a preference for Arashi’s Sakurai Sho. Their marriage ahead will be rocky, but Nishikido is undeterred and sets about to win the acceptance of Haruka’s family and his fellow Kanjani8 members. First, he tries to confess his marriage to Kanjani8, but the band’s managers Asahina Motoko, Mamiya Yoshiharu and Kashizaka Shohei get wind of the news before he can do that. It has been eight years since Kanjani8 made its debut. Asahina presses Nishikido to choose between divorce or withdrawal from the group for it is unacceptable for him to be married to an older divorcee with three children at this important juncture.