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Japanese Drama : Lonely Love Song DVD (单身情歌)

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Title Name : Lonely Love Song / 单身情歌
Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 3 Discs
Starring : Arisa Mizuki, Miki Maya
Subtitles : Chinese / English
Screen Format : DVD / NTSC & All Region Code

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Akiyama Satomi is a teacher at a prestigious girls' school, who excels in her work but lacks in cooking and housekeeping. She falls in love with a colleague 10 years younger than her, and they begin living together. Each episode highlights the differences in their age, status, mindset, and values

Only color both Akiyama in the United States as a history teacher at the Women's College colleges and universities in the San Joaquin, 33-year-old, she still celibacy career with strength equal status with men, but are too keen to let herincreasingly deviate from the the love marriage Road, around the same year or older men have to get married, and the rest is that she never intended as a love object of the young man and so when she wanted to seize the time to find her boyfriend, only to find onThen a small her year-old male teacher Kamisaka really one came to the school to do a substitute teacher, gradually budding love between two people, but the age gap between the generation gap to bring them a lot of trouble.