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I Love Lee Taly / I Love Lee Tae-Ri DVD

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Title Name: I Love Lee Taly / I Love Lee Tae-Ri DVD Number of Discs: 4 DVDs (16 episodes) Starring: Park Ye Jin, Kim Ki Bum, Yang Jin Woo & JUB Dialogue / Language: Korean/Mandarin (Taiwanese dubbed) Subtitles: English/Chinese/Malay Regions Coding: NTSC, All Region Code

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I Love Lee Taly / I Love Lee Tae-Ri

14 year old Eun-Dong is engaged to a woman 7 years older than him. He discovers that the woman likes another man. Eun-Dong is shocked and wishes that he could protect his love. After the wish, Eun-Dong becomes a 25-year-old man.

Tae-Ri is an heiress from a wealthy family. She seems perfect, with an attractive appearance and a great educational background, but after being hurt by her first love she doesn't believe in love anymore. Her family is also jealous of her and Tae-Ri now seems cold from a distance. Suddenly, in front of Tae-Ri, Eun-Dong suddenly appears and she begins to develop feelings for Eun-Dong...