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Hungry! / Hanguri! DVD

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Title Name: Hungry! / Hanguri! DVD Number of Discs: 3 DVDs Starring: Osamu Mukai, Miori Takimoto, Ryoko Kuninaka, Takashi Tsukamoto & Dialogue / Language: Japanese Subtitles: English/Chinese Regions Coding: NTSC, All Regions

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Hungry! / Hanguri! DVD

Eisuke Yamate (Osamu Mukai) is busy preparing dishes with two other men for the opening of his French restaurant "Le Petit Chou." Chie Okusu (Miori Takimoto) is a college student who dreams of meeting her perfect match and having dinner with him at the French restaurant like "Le Petit Chou" for her birthday. On the day of Chie's birthday, she goes to "Le Petit Chou" with her female friend. When they arrive, they are surprised to find that the restaurant looks completely different from what they saw in the magazine. Furthermore, the name of the restaurant has been changed to "Gasterea."

Chie and her friend then notice a "Le Petit Chou" flyer nearby, which points passersby to another location. They go towards the direction that the flyer points and soon notice a man, Eisuke Yamate, hanging the "Le Petit Chou" flyers along other buildings. They decide to follow Eisuke Yamate and he eventually goes inside a warehouse. When Eisuke comes out, he brings out an electric guitar and proceeds to smash it into the ground. Eisuke then notices Chie and her friend and tells them that "Le Petit Chou" will have its opening in the evening. Chie and her friend then realize that the warehouse they are standing in front is "Le Petit Chou."