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High School DxD New / Season 2 DVD (TV): Complete Edition

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Number of Discs: 1 DvD
Episodes: 1-12 End
Dialogue / Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English (On/Off)
Regions Coding: All code, Region Free

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Isei finds new troubles about to enter into his life and two even sleeping in his bed. While looking at an old photo album of Isei's, Kiba sees a familiar sword being held by an old friend of Isei's, which reopen's old wounds. Meanwhile, Devils, Fallen Angels, and The Church's agents all clash to get their hands on, or just destroy, powerful weapons called Holy Swords. If that weren't enough, Isei's red dragon warns him that he senses his old rival the white dragon is drawing near.

High School DxD New / Season 2 DVD (TV): Complete Edition Episode Titles:

  • 1. Another Disquieting Premonition!
  • 2. The Holy Sword Is Here!
  • 3. I`ll Destroy the Holy Sword!
  • 4. A powerful enemy, appears! 
  • 5. Decisive Battle at Kuoh Academy
  • 6. Go Occult Research Club
  • 7. Summer! Bathing Suits! I'm in Trouble!
  • 8. The Class Observation Begins!
  • 9. I got a Junior!
  • 10. Vampire of the Empty Classroom: Various Three-way Deadlocks!
  • 11. Vampire of the Empty Classroom: The Leaders` Summit Begins!
  • 12. Clash of the Two Heavenly Dragons!