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Hayate the Combat Butler DVD (TV): Complete Box Set

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Number of Discs : 4 DVD
Episodes : 1-52 End
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Director : Keiichiro Kawaguchi
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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Abandoned by his parents and given a monumentally large debt as a Christmas present, 16-year old Ayasaki Hayate is at the lowest point of his life. Desperately trying alter his hapless fate, he decides to kidnap someone to hold for a ransom. Due to an ill choice of words, the girl he tries to kidnap misunderstands the action as a confession of love. His plan is totally crushed when he gives his real name out. Realizing his wrongdoing, Hayate proceeds to rescue the girl from the yakuza, who had instead kidnapped her. The girl, as a token of thanks, offers Hayate a job as her butler. Hayate, overwhelmed by her kindness, vows to protect her even at the cost of his life.
16-year-old Hayate is really down on his luck. His unemployed parents are good-for-nothings who waste the money they have on gambling. One day, his parents have racked up a huge gambling debt that they had to sell Hayate to the yakuza for the value of his organs. In a desperate attempt to avoid that fate, Hayate decides to become a “bad guy” and kidnap someone to be held for ransom, but his efforts to do so are mistaken as a confession of love by the girl he targets.
Hayate the Combat Butler DVD (TV): Complete Box Set Episode titles:
  • 1. 'Unmei' In English Is 'Destiny'
  • 2. Nagi Sanzenin's Mansion And A New Journey
  • 3. The Beast, Robot, and Butler that Kinda Shout Love at the Center of the World
  • 4. First Mission: This is Snake. No One's Responding.
  • 5. Unneeded Gags and Kindness Bring Misfortune
  • 6. You Said You Can See Time, But That's Probably Your Life Flashing By
  • 7. Man's Flight
  • 8. Cat Ear Mode Sends You to Hell
  • 9. Eloim Essaim. Mr. Cow, Mr. Cow! What is it, Mr. Frog?
  • 10. There's a Subtle High Deflation in the World. Play Games without Accumulation
  • 11. The Value of My Life is Priceless
  • 12. In the Past, We were Taught that Youth Does Not Look Back at the Space Police
  • 13. Those who Command Summer Seem to Command Exams
  • 14. Hey hey! I'm going to a Party. Hurry Up
  • 15. Samurai, Chivalry, Mobile Vandam
  • 16. I Won't Lose Even If I Lose
  • 17. For Your Sake I'll Give My Best Blasting Through Everything
  • 18. The Rare Card is Swimsuit
  • 19. Saki-san's Personal Business (National Ver.) 2007
  • 20. I Like Books, but Sing It, Great Submarine Castle
  • 21. Even Peter-san Has Had Enough
  • 22. Who Came Up With the Onomatopoeia "Kapo~n"? It's Amazing
  • 23. I'm not kid, Genius teacher is here
  • 24. There is no common troubles
  • 25. "Kokoro o Yurashite"
  • 26. "Delivery took 29 minutes, so please pay what was asked for" is an old myth"
  • 27. Hayate Rises Upon the Earth
  • 28. Black Hayate
  • 29. Marriage Meeting
  • 30. Beatiful young lady saw great detective! Case of murdered teacher
  • 31. Do You Like Rich, Pretty Ladies?
  • 32. Monster hunters Isumi Yokoso and Nabeshin
  • 33. Why?! School Festival - Part One
  • 34. Why Did It Die?! School Festival - Part Two
  • 35. Must See! 2007 Autumn Complete Guide Book for the Latest Trendy Date Spots for Teenagers
  • 36. Klaus is Japanese because the kanji is 倉臼
  • 37. I Want to Go Back to Being a Normal Girl, but Please Buy My Character Song
  • 38. Hayate in danger! Complete shut down!!
  • 39. Friends of the well-behaved. Praise the debt-ridden buttler!
  • 40. Osechi is also good, but enjoy Hayate, too.
  • 41. Goodbye Teacher, Despair ~ Graduation Special
  • 42. Just like Dogs, Rats, and Bulldogs
  • 43. Poseidon Advance, Generator Gavas
  • 44. The Mystery of 120% Employment Rate (Temp.)
  • 45. It's ♥ Maria-san Thank You Day in February!
  • 46. His Name is Magic Ball Pitcher Wataru!!!
  • 47. Sure, Amuro had a place to return to, but...
  • 48. Hina♥Love
  • 49. Normal Talk
  • 50. Quiz! Written as "Foe" but Read as "Friend"!!
  • 51. Spring
  • 52. Radical Dreamers
Alternative Titles:

Alternative title:

  • Hayate no Gotoku! (Japanese)
  • Hayate, le majordome (French)
  • Hayate, mayordomo de combate (Spanish)
GenreComedy, Romance
ThemeSchool, Slice of Life