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HappinessCharge PreCure! DVD: Complete Edition

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Number of Discs : 3 DVD
Episodes : 1 - 49 End 
Dialogue / Language : Japanese 
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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The ruler of the evil Phantom Empire, Queen Mirage, begins her invasion on Earth using an army of Choiarks and powerful monsters called Saiarks. Pretty Cures are dispatched to fight against the Phantom Empire threat. Hime Shirayuki, a princess from the Blue Sky Kingdom who was given the power to become Cure Princess by a being named Blue, flees to Japan when her kingdom is invaded by the Phantom Empire. They defended the Earth against the Phantom Empire.

Episode titles:

  • 1.I Love Love! Cure Lovely is Born!
  • 2.Hime and Megumi's Friendship! The HappinessCharge PreCure is Complete!!
  • 3.The Secret Has Been Blown!? The PreCure's Secret Identity is Absolutely Secret!!
  • 4.The Transfer Student is a Princess!! Hime's Great Friendmaking Operation!!
  • 5.Megumi and Hime! The Big Help my Friend Operation!!
  • 6.Ribbon's Tenderness!! That's the Love of Cooking!!
  • 7.Friendship Full Throttle!! The Pair's New Power!!
  • 8.The Crisis of Friendship!! The Ominous Wish of Miss Fortune!!
  • 9.In His Karate!! The PreCure Power Up!?
  • 10.The Singing PreCure! Cure Honey Appears!!
  • 11.The Mysterious Message! Cure Honey's Secret!!
  • 12.Megumi's in a Pinch! The Precure Disqualification Crisis!
  • 13.The Strongest Opponent Appears! Cure Fortune VS Precure Hunter!
  • 14.A Hero Appears! That's a Hot and Amazing Guy!!
  • 15.I Want to Meet my Mother! Hime returns to Blue Sky Kingdom!
  • 16.I Am Mass Communication!! I Shall Find All the PreCure's Secrets!!
  • 17.Effort and Heart!! Megumi and Seiji's Bond!!
  • 18.Everyone Happily Gives Their Full Support! The Wedding Ceremony in Pikarigaoka!!
  • 19.Soccer Showdown! Team PreCure Assembled!
  • 20.A Sad Past!! Cure Fortune's Tears
  • 21.Hime's Past Mistakes! Cure Fortune's Anger!
  • 22.A New Transformation!? Fortune's Great Wish!
  • 23.Super Nervous! Iona and Hime, the First Errand!
  • 24.Coach Iona's Great "PreCure Power Up" Operation!
  • 25.Fall in Love Heart-Pounding! PreCure Training Camp Climax!
  • 26.Lost in Stray Pair! Hime and Seiji's Great Adventure!
  • 27.A Worried Hime! The Precure is in Danger of Disbanding!?
  • 28.To Hawaii! Aloha Precure Arrives!
  • 29.Axia's True Form! Shining Make Dresser!!
  • 30.Phantom's secret scheme! The other Cure Lovely!
  • 31.The unexpected fast approach!? Cure Honey and Phantom!
  • 32.Iona's First Love!? The Innocent Form Activated
  • 33.I want this, too! Megumi's search for the Innocent Form!
  • 34.Hime's Big Success!? Let's Spice It Up! The First Cultural Festival
  • 35.Delicious Time for Everyone! Yūko's Happiness Delivery!
  • 36.Lots of Love! Megumi's Innocent Birthday!
  • 37.Break It with a Big Bang! Unexpected Formidable Enemy Appears!
  • 38.Feelings That Want to be Conveyed
  • 39.A Huge Shock for Iona! Cure Tender's Departure!
  • 40.The Happiness Right Here! The Precure's Vacation!
  • 41.For Mirage! Phantom's Last Battle!
  • 42.The Decisive Battle in Phantom Empire! The Pretty Cure VS the Three Generals!
  • 43.Clashing Emotions! Lovely and Mirage!
  • 44.The New Threat!? Red Saiark!!
  • 45.The Enemy is God!? The Impact of Christmas!
  • 46.The Battle Between Love and Hate! Seiji vs. Pretty Cure!
  • 47.Thank you, Seiji! The Power is Born from Love!
  • 48.Overcoming hatred! Born! Forever Lovely!
  • 49.Love will shine forever! Everyone's happiness!

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