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Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East DVD: Complete Season 1 + 2

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Number of Discs : 2 DVD
Episodes : 1-26 End
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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Five years ago, almost every villager of Ootsuka died due to a tragic plague. But mysteriously enough, three survivors: a girl and two boys, emerged. Now living in a church, the three live in isolation, hidden from those who may seek to find them. Shino, one of the survivors, has control over the power of Murasame, the blade of life. But when the imperial church seeks to take the Murasame for themselves, their peaceful life becomes a thing of the past...

Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East DVD (TV): Complete Edition Episode Titles:

  • 1. Boundary
  • 2. Demonic Human
  • 3. Demon Hunter
  • 4. Homecoming
  • 5. Divine Protection
  • 6. Prequisite
  • 7. Promise
  • 8. Chance Encounter
  • 9. Guardian
  • 10. Lonesome Figure
  • 11. Avatar
  • 12. Price Paid
  • 13. Fate
Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East (TV 2)

Shino continues his Life in the imperial capital searchng for the Gems, making new friends, and discovering Himself.



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