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Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 3 pcs
Starring : AKIRA 瀧本 美織 MIORI TAKIMOTO 城&
Dialogue / Language : Chi/Eng

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Former bosozoku the youth Onitsuka British guitar (AKIRA) joined the school as teachers, 2 years of bad students, Onitsuka know that they are headstrong and selfish adults no longer believe that they become the dream a closed their hearts to the children, so his general approach, including violence and friendship, unique "life" education for them, solve their real knot rein them one by one, although become a thorn in the side of the other teachers, but it is also a great teacher of the student in mind GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka). The winter months he and the heroine teachers Azusa (Takimoto Miori) understanding into a confrontation at the beginning, but gradually learned the winter months Onitsuka real intentions, and subsequent feelings, when Takashi Sorimachi and Nanako Matsushima therefore become a pair of screen couples. Were performed protagonist of The Crazy shells between Ryuji (Shirota), the bad police Hu Island Toshiyuki (Yamamoto Yusuke)

Gardener Eikichi Onizuka (Akira) is pruning trees at a school garden as part time work. A student named Noboru Yoshikawa (Taishi Nakagawa), who is Azu Fuyuzuki's (Miori Takimoto) student, is about to jump from the roof. Eikichi Onizuka sees the student and talks the student out of jumping. Noboru Yoshikawa is bullied by 3 female classmates including Anzu Uehara (Yua Shinkawa). These 3 girls also takes Noboru Yoshikawa's money before class starts.

Eikichi Onizuka then talks with Yoshiko Sakurai (Hitomi Kuroki), the owner of the school cafeteria. 3 students who insist they were kicked out of school for unreasonable reason break into the school cafeteria.

Vice principal Hiroshi Uchiyamada (Ryosei Tayama) harshly blames these 3 kids. Eikichi Onizuka becomes angry at Hiroshi Uchiyamada and literally throws Hiroshi Uchiyamada aside. At that moment, student Noboru Yoshikawa, teacher Azu Fuyuzuki and chief director of the school Sakurai watch the incident.