Gakuen Alice: Complete Box Set (DVD)

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Number of Discs    :    2
Episodes    :    1-26 End
Dialogue / Language    :    Japanese
Subtitles    :    English
Director    :    Takahiro Omori
Regions Coding    :    All code, Region Free

In a small country school, Sakura Mikan and Imai Hotaru are classmates and best friends - in their own way. Ditzy, emotional Mikan seems ill-matched with aloof, emotionless Hotaru, yet they are together all the time... until Hotaru gets called away to study at the strange and forbidding Alice Academy. In her anguish at being left behind, Mikan finally decides to follow her friend - and doing so, she makes a strange discovery.
young Mikan Sakura is a girl from a Japanese countryside. optimistic, playful Mikan enjoys life to the lees. but suddenly one day, she is thrown in a state of utter dilemma and sadness when her best friend, the brilliant, cool and quite opposite natured Hotaru Imai leaves the country school to join some mysterious Alice Academy. determined to be reunited with her best friend, mikan goes on an uncertain journey to Alice Academy. eventually, she finds out that she is also an alice, a candidate eligible to enter the acdemy. thus her new life begins in a totally new environment.

Alternative title:

  • Alice Academy
  • La Academia Alice (Spanish)
Gakuen Alice: Box Set Episodes:
  • Episode 1 Our School Will Be Gone
  • Episode 2 Welcome to Gakuen Alice
  • Episode 3 I Won't Let Alice Get to Me
  • Episode 4 This is My Alice
  • Episode 5 The Star-Class is Tough
  • Episode 6 I'm With The Good-For-Nothing Types
  • Episode 7 I Won't Lose the Alice Dodgeball
  • Episode 8 I Want To See Grandpa
  • Episode 9 I Love You, Hotaru
  • Episode 10 How Exciting, Central Town
  • Episode 11 Alice, I'm in Special Training
  • Episode 12 The School Festival is Here
  • Episode 13 Go After the Superstar
  • Episode 14 Let's Bring Natsume Back
  • Episode 15 Let's Go Back to the Academy
  • Episode 16 Imagine the Maze, the Magic Lamp
  • Episode 17 Hotaru's Secret
  • Episode 18 Just the Two of Us, in the Dark
  • Episode 19 Raise the Curtain, Snow White Sleeping Beauty
  • Episode 20 Who Will Have the Last Dance?
  • Episode 21 Aim for the Honor Student Award
  • Episode 22 Mr. Bear and the Prince
  • Episode 23 The Circus is Here
  • Episode 24 Mr. Narumi's Lie
  • Episode 25 Take Back the Academy
  • Episode 26 Friendship is Endless
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