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Frontlines: Fuel of War (Xbox 360)

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Weight : 16+
Genre : FPS
Developer : Kaos Studios

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The year is 2024 and the world stands on the brink of economic and social breakdown, natural resources are all but gone and the superpowers have reformed. The Western Coalition (Europe and American) and the Red Star Alliance (China and Russia) are now at war over the last remnants of oil in the Caspian. You take control of the Stray Dogs unit (part of the Western Coalition) leader as you fight a series of large scale high intensity battles in a desperate bid to secure your way of life.</p>
<strong>Fight in Open World Environments</strong> in both single and multi-player campaign modes, with multiple routes on every map, you can fight the enemy differently every time you play.</li>
<strong>Challenge up to 64 players online </strong>on PC and 32 on consoles<strong>. </strong>Use high-tech combat systems to collect and relay recon, targeting, and threat information then share this between team mates using squad specific chat.<strong> </strong></li>
<strong>Frontline combat system: </strong> Use team based tactics to fight your way to key objectives, take them and push the frontline forward into your opponent&rsquo;s territory, this mechanic always keeps the battle fierce and the players fully embedded in the action and the exciting non-linear structure means you can fight for the objectives in any order</li>
<strong>Customisation -</strong> Customisable soldier classes allow you to represent your play style through multiple weapon load-outs and role specializations. As you progress these classes evolve, the more experience you get the more features will be unlocked within the Role and give players new abilities on the battlefield.</li>
<strong>Fight with next generation weapons</strong></li>
Over 60 next-gen vehicles and weapons inspired by military designs for the near future. These include remote controlled drones such as RC cars packed full of C4 (perfect for taking our tanks) aerial reconnaissance drones that feed back enemy locations to your team mates, directional rockets for homing in hard to reach enemy armour and many many more.</p>