Fist of The North Star: Box 2 (DVD)

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Number of Discs : 5
Episodes : 76-152
Running Time : 1925 minutes
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English
Director : Toyoo Ashida
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

In a post-nuclear future not so far from now, human race has made many steps behind. The weaks are reduced in slavery, while genetically modified giants rule the world. Gunpowder seems only a far memory and martial art is the only weapon a man can count on. Two schols face eachother in the battle for dominion: Hokuto and Nanto. Ken Shiro is the rightfull successor of Hokuto school, while Shin is Nanto's one. Shin stole Ken's girlfriend Julia and now Ken is looking for her.

Fist of The North Star: Box 2 Episodes:

76. Fist of Fire Versus the Howling Wolf! Now Toki is in Danger!!

77. The New Age Awakens! The Wolf`s Howl Reaches the Heavens!!

78. Nanto Sei Ken`s Shin! You Live and Die for Love Getting Nothing in Return!!

79. Rei, of the Nanto Suicho Ken! There is a Man Who Died For His Friend!!

80. Yuda, the Nanto Koukaku Ken! Your Beautiful Smile Caused Tragedy!!

81. Shuu of Nanto Hakurou Ken! The Heavens Have Dealt You a Cold-Hearted Fate!!

82. Holy Emperor Souther! You Love More Than Others Because You`re Obsessed With It!!

83. Prepare For Death, Raoh! Legend Will Turn Into Fear!!

84. Nanto`s Strike Back! Wind Army, Protect the Last General!!

85. Prelude of the Deadly Battle!! The Cry of Hyuui, the Man of the Wind, Echoes to the Heave

86. Burn, The Red Army! The Tears of Flames Ignite Shuren!!

87. The Goshasei In Danger! Raoh Finally Breaks Through The Flame!!

88. The Goshasei Approaches Kenshiro! Fudo, Who Are You!!

89. The Wind and Cloud Revelation! Ken, Fate Awaits At The Capital of Nanto!!

90. I am Juuza, the Cloud! I Leave My Destiny to the Flow of Time!!

91. The Cloud Has Yet To Move! The Last Nanto Star Finally Revealed!!

92. Juuza Revived! I Do Not Fear Raoh!!

93. Showdown: Juuza vs Raoh! The End of the Invincible Legend!!

94. Fudo is in Danger! Hurry Ken, A Man Never Deserts His Friend!!

95. Merciless Inferno of Sand! Is There Any Help for Dying Fudo!!

96. The Fall of Juuza! I`ll Protect the Woman I Love With My Life!!

97. Farewell, Yuria! Even When Facing Death, A Warrior Will Not Speak Of Love!!

98. Disturbance in the Nanto Capital! The Two Hokuto Brothers Meet At Last!!

99. Sorrowful Goshasei! You`re the Woman Burdened by Love and Fate!!

100. The Ultimate Secret, Musou Tensei! Raoh, You`ve Finally Been Cornered!!

101. Will Raoh`s Ambitions Perish with his Fall? The Heavens are Still in Disarray!!

102. The Mighty Raoh is Lost in Confusion! I Will Not Believe in Love!!

103. The Demon`s Challenge! Fudo, Become a Demon for the Sake of Your Loved Ones!!

104. The Gentle and Brave Fudo! Those Tears Awaken A Burning Passion!!

105. Guard the Nanto Jibo-Sei! Even at the Cost of the Lives of the Gosha!!

106. Raoh, Frightned by a Nightmare! Yuria, You Are the Reason!!

107. The Decisive Battlefield is the Hokuto Renkitouza! No One Can Stop Them!!

108. Farewell, the Two Hokuto Brothers!Your Love And Sadness End Now!!

109. A Look Back! The 2000 Year History of Hokuto!!

110. Time Flows - Another Era Has Come......!!

111. When Will He Wake Up....?

112. A Savior Arrives From the North!!

113. Ein, the Mysterious Bounty Hunter! - I Will Cut Kenshiro's Throat!!

114. Another Assassin's Style! - Its Name is Gento Kōken!!

115. The Celestial Emperor is Angry! - Falco, the Eradication of Hokuto Comes from the Ground!!

116. The Spirit of Nanto Lives! - The Heroic Harn Brothers!!

117. Ein in Danger! - The Hands of Evil Has Reached the Woman He Loves!!

118. Falco, the Great General! - The Shadow of Raoh Has Reached Even Him....

119. The Cry of the Celestial Emperor Echoes Through the Imperial Capital! - Falco, What Are You...

120. The True Celestial Emperor Appears!!

121. Ein's Eulogy! - From a Prideless Life to a Burning Death!!

122. The Imperial Capital Collapses! - Jakoh, You Will Dream in Hell from Now On!!

123. The Trials Are Not Over! - Kenshiro Crosses the Seas!!

124. Something Awaits in the Dark Continent! - It is the Legendary Land of Asura!!

125. Good or Evil? - The Mysterious Hokuto Ryuken Appears

126. She Who Dares to Preach Love in the End of the Century! - Her Name is Leia!

127. Han, the Rasho! - You're the Man Who Taints the White Clouds Red!!

128. The Legendary Savior of the Land of Asura is Told! - His Name is Raoh!

129. The Secret of Kenshiro is Revealed! - The Land of Asura is His Native Land!!

130. A Heartless Prophecy! - Kenshiro, You Cannot Be the Savior!!

131. Locke, the Heroic Rider! - I Do Not Believe in Kenshiro!

132. Unreasonable Men! - The Magnificent Seven Finally Attacks Ken!!

133. Locke's Dying Words! - The Life of One of Kenshiro's Friends is Taken!!

134. The Declaration of the New Century's Creator! - My Name is Kaioh, the Demon!!

135. The Devil's Seal! - The 2,000 Year-old Tragedy of the Hokuto Family is Revealed!!

136. The Crisis of His Younger Brother Ken! - The Kind Hyou Has Opened His Heart!!

137. Kenshiro's Execution! - The Heavens Has Finally Sent the God of Sea!!

138. At the Moment When Kaioh Declares Victory! The Phantom of Hokuto Attacks Him!

139. The Fated Encounter Between Hyou and Ken! - Even Then, the Older Brother Does Not Recognize the Younger Brother!!

140. The Election of the Devil Kaioh! - My Cold Blood Flows Through My Entire Body!!

141. Kenshiro's Challenge! - I Will Not Be Defeated Twice!!

142. The Tyrant Hyou and His Sorrowful Aide! - Who Can Stop Him Now?!

143. Clash of the Blood Brothers! - The Tears Had Not Return to Hyou's Eye Yet!!

144. The Existential Crisis of Hokuto! - Kaioh's Evil Hands Reaches the Celestial Empress!!

145. A Tearful Reunion Between Brothers! - Kenshiro, I've Been Waiting for You!!

146. Shachi's Fight for Love! - Kaioh, That Was Pathetic and Laughable!!

147. Shachi, the Love Soldier Dies! - Friend, Love Knows All!

148. A Victim of a Tragic Love! - This is the Origin of Kaioh's Evil!!

149. The History of Kaioh's Disgrace! The Heavens Reshapes Lin's Destiny!!

150. Three Episodes Left Until The End! This is the 2,000 Year-old Bloody History of the Hokuto Family!!

151. Prologue to the Final Episode! A Third Man Appears to Determine Lin's Fate!!

152. Farewell, Kenshiro! - Farewell, Hokuto Shinken!!

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