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Fairy Tail OVA 5 & 6 DVD

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Number of Discs: 1 DVD
Episodes: 2 OVA
Dialogue / Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English (On/Off)
Regions Coding: All code, Region Free

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Story : OVA 5: The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land : It's nighttime on the third day of the Grand Magic Games. The guild decides to relax and have fun at Ryuzetsu Land, a big water park in Fiore.

OVA 6: Fairy Tail x Rave : In a town far away, Lucy, Natsu and Happy, from Mashima's Fairy Tail manga, are on a mission to find a troublemaker and deal with her. Due to unknown circumstances they get separated. The same happens to Elie and Haru, from Mashima's Rave Master manga. Lucy and Elie manage to meet each other and together they try to find their respective partners..



GenreAction, Comedy