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Dragon Collection DVD: Complete Edition

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Number of Discs : 2 DVD
Episodes : 1 - 52 End 
Dialogue / Language : Japanese 
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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Through an unexpected turn of events, an ordinary elementary school student, Hiro Enryu, finds himself in the world of the "Dragon Collection" game. This is a world called Dragon Earth, where gods, humans, and monsters exist side by side. Those who roam this world using a magic book, called a Grimoire, and cards to summon monsters and search for treasures that bear the powers of dragons are called Dracolle Battlers. Despite his bewilderment, Hiro becomes a Dracolle Battler and, together with the friends he meets there, begins his adventure to become a legendary Dragon Master.

Episode titles:

  • 01"What's Going On!? DraColle!"
  • 02"A Weirdo Has Arrived!"
  • 03"Yet Another Weirdo Has Arrived!"
  • 04"Octopus Extermination at Myseen Castle!"
  • 05"Combination? What's That!?"
  • 06"The Endlessly Pesky Green Pepper Gang!"
  • 07"What's That? A Monster Dispenser!"
  • 08"Run! Hiro and Rei!"
  • 09"Looks Like a Traveler in Trouble"
  • 10"Smash the Green Pepper Gang!"
  • 11"The Young Master and the Slick Trickster!?"
  • 12"The Captain Stinks!?"
  • 13"The Evil Bizarreda Triangle!"
  • 14"Pirate King Doc Rowe!"
  • 15"Captain Yut's Ambition!"
  • 16"Me Versus Me!?"
  • 17"Shiver Me Timbers! Pirates?!"
  • 18"Fusion? I Don't Believe It!"
  • 19"Co Uta Mara Strikes Back Big-Time!"
  • 20"Farewell Launche!"
  • 21"Uh-Oh, We`re in Ohto!"
  • 22"The Darkness Grimoire!"
  • 23"Dragonia Battle Tournament!"
  • 24"Farewell, Rei!"
  • 25"Papi? Papi Papi!"
  • 26"No Way!? Shin Evolves!?"
  • 27"Burn Up! Meatmania!"
  • 28"No Way! Hiro Evolves, Too!?"
  • 29"Fierce Fight! The Flame-Filled Final 
  • 30"This Is Bad! Rebirth of the Evil God!?"
  • 31"Three Altars? A Puzzling Message!"
  • 32"Peeved! Peeved! Papi!"
  • 33"So Ripped! Side Chest!?"
  • 34"Shock! This Is the Key!?"
  • 35"It's My Ma!"
  • 36"Tee-Hee! I`m Forever Seventeen!"
  • 37"Why Don`t I Get a Hunch!?"
  • 38"Big Battle at the Undersea Temple!"
  • 39"Forced Confession! It`s Yuna`s Secret!"
  • 40"Where`s That? The Tartarus Gate!"
  • 41"Tell Us, Nastasya!"
  • 42"The Dragon Wing is Burning!?"
  • 43"Set Sail! Darkskull!"
  • 44"Really!? Rei Evolves, Too!?"
  • 45"Danger! Nine Dragons!"
  • 46"The Evil God Descends!!"
  • 47"Shudder! The Epic Battle!"
  • 48"Evil! The Wickedest Dragon!"
  • 49"Advent of the Chaos God Drake!"
  • 50"Dragon Master!"
  • 51"Time For Guts! Meatmania!"

Alternative Titles:
  • ドラゴンコレクション (Japanese)

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