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Dog Days DVD: Complete Season 1 - 3

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Number of Discs :3 DVD
Episodes : 1 - 39 End 
Dialogue / Language : Japanese 
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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Dog Days Season 1

In the land of Fronaldo, the Republic of Biscotti has been aggressively attacked by the Lion Kingdom of Galette. Facing potential defeat, Princess Millhiore summons a hero who can save the country. What she gets is Izumi Shinku, a middle-school boy from Japan. Awaiting him in Fronaldo is the task of becoming hero enough to defeat his enemies while learning the peculiar rules of battle in this strange new world.

Dog Days DVD (TV) Limited Edition: Complete Box Set Episode:

  • 1. Birthday Hero!
  • 2. My First Battle!
  • 3. I Want to Go Home! I Can't Go Home? Hero in Flognarde!
  • 4. Charge! Princess Recovery Battle!!
  • 5. Severe Battle! Mion Fortress!
  • 6. The Fortune Telling Princess
  • 7. Declaration of War
  • 8. The War Begins
  • 9. The Battle of Fort Grana
  • 10. The Light of the Hero, Princess and Hope
  • 11. Like Flowers Swirling in the Night Sky
  • 12. The Four Conditions
  • 13. Promise
Dog Days Season 2

Three months after his adventure in Flonyard, Shinku gets summoned back once again, this time bringing Rebecca with him. His cousin and rival athlete Nanami, also is summoned to Flonyard as Galette's Hero. The First Princess of the Principality of Pastillage, Couver, leads her squirrel-like faction into the battlefield as well with the intention of scouting Rebecca to become their hero.

Alternative title:
  • Dog Days Dash

Dog Days 2 DVD (TV): Complete Box Set Episode:

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Dog Days Season 3

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