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Digimon Tamers DVD: Complete Edition

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Number of Discs : 3 DVD
Episodes : 1- 51 End
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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Takato Matsuda, Ruki Matsuno, and Lee Jenrya are children who have, by fate, recieved real Digimon, unlike the imaginary ones in the card game they play. Each of the children, or "Digimon Tamers", have their different views on how Digimon should be treated. But when other Digimon begin to appear around Japan, they must put aside their differences to fend off the digital intruders; even though Yamaki, who is the head of a secret organization called Hypnos is trying to eliminate all of the Digimon himself.

Takato Matsuki was a regular fan of the digimon card game. One fateful day, one of Takato's drawings slides in his digi-vice. The result is that drawing coming to life. Two other kids, Henry Wong and Rika Nonaka, also receive their digimon. Now, the unlikely trio must team up to defeat the devas.

 Alternative title:

  • Digimon 3 (Spanish)
  • Domadores de Digimon (Portuguese)

Digimon Tamers DVD (TV): Complete Edition Episode Titles:

  • 1. The Birth of Guilmon! The Digimon that I Created!
  • 2. You're my Friend! Terriermon Appears
  • 3. Renamon vs. Guilmon! Battle is the Life of Digimon
  • 4. The Ordeal for Tamers! Down with Gorillamon
  • 5. Kuru-Kuru! Let's Play with Culumon!
  • 6. The Meaning of Parters! Renamon Evolves
  • 7. Crisis for Guilmon! The Adventure in my Town
  • 8. Guilmon Evolves! Decisive Battle in West Shinjinku
  • 9. Please Revert to Guilmon! The Growmon Incident
  • 10. Renamon is my Friend! Ruki's Hesitation
  • 11. Shinjinku Railroad Bridge...Duel for a Minute and a Half
  • 12. Ruki and Renamon, The Crisis of the Bond!
  • 13. The Order to Capture the Digimon! The Sinister Foreboding
  • 14. Tamers Stand! Megalo Growmon...Super Evolution!
  • 15. Giant Heavy Appearance, Great Edo Line, Great Panic
  • 16. Protect the Light of the Town! Dangerous Camp of the Digimon
  • 17. Chase the Blue Card! The Rapidmon Moment
  • 18. Beautiful Evolution! Taomon Dances in the Moonlight
  • 19. We Would Like to Become Strong! Rise, Impmon!
  • 20. What is the Trump Card? Blue Card of Friendship
  • 21. Juri's Partner!? The Leomon Way
  • 22. Vikaramon Appears! Protect my Town!
  • 23. Digimon Combat Mission! Advancing while Facing the Wind
  • 24. To the Digital World…The Day of Departure
  • 25. Enter the Digital World! Goodbye to Our City
  • 26. Little World! Jijimon and Babamon in the Strong Wind Valley
  • 27. Impmon Evolves! The Shudder of Beezlebumon the Dark Lord
  • 28. Friend or Foe? Ryo Akima the Legendary Tamer
  • 29. Here is the Chost Castle! The Great Escape of Stray Culumon
  • 30. Urgent Message from the Digital World! Culumon is…
  • 31. Friendship with Guardromon! Tamer Hirokazu, "So, do I fight?"
  • 32. The Mystery of Guilmon's Birth! The Mystic Water Space
  • 33. Where is Terriermon? Suchion goes to the Digital World!
  • 34. The Kind-Hearted Hero, Leomon Dies
  • 35. The Name is Dukemon! Holy Mega Evolution
  • 36. Final Fight! Dukemon vs. Beezlebumon
  • 37. Battle with Zhuqiamon! Saint Galgomon, Mega Evolution
  • 38. True Enemy Gets to Move! Battle the Four Holy Beasts
  • 39. Whirling Ultimate Flower! Sakuyamon Evolves
  • 40. Shining Evolution! Culumon's Release
  • 41. The Return to the Real World
  • 42. A City Attacked by the D-Reaper
  • 43. Connected Minds! Beezlebumon's Revival
  • 44. The Mysterious Girl! Bringer of Miracles, Dobermon
  • 45. Stand Up to the D-Reaper! Charge into the Zone
  • 46. New Ultimate Warrior! Justimon Appears
  • 47. Save Dukemon! Grani Scramble
  • 48. The Power to Save Juri! Beezlebumon's Fist
  • 49. Destruction of the Capitol! Culumon's Wish
  • 50. Crimson Warrior! Save the People you Love
  • 51. Dreaming Power is our Future! The Biggest Dreamer
GenreDrama, Sci-Fi