Colin McRae DiRT (PS3)

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Weight : 12+
Genre : Racing
Developer : Codemasters

DiRT takes traditional rally and turns it into an exhilarating thrill ride through a massive range of off-road racing experiences on gravel, mud and dirt, right across the globe. Expanding on the brilliant point-to-point rally racing style, DiRT includes an extensive range of off-road and circuit events, delivering a thrilling and ultimately rewarding racing experience.

Players will race in challenging, heavyweight 850hp cars through high speed blind corners and along perilous cliff edges in the Hill Climb events, including the world famous Pikes Peak International through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

There are also multiple car races with Dakar-style trucks and super-powered 4x4s on grueling desert terrain in Rally Raid competitions. In Rally Cross, players switch between dirt and road racing. The competition is always breathing down players' necks and is always ruthless.

Further, there are Crossover circuits and events from the C.O.R.R. (Championship Off –Road Racing) series in the U.S. The C.O.R.R. series is all about head-to-head, full-on dirt circuit racing. The combination of powerful off-road buggies and exciting dirt tracks incorporating tabletop jumps, drop-offs and moguls is an intoxicating mix.

DiRT also offers dedicated mode for rally championships. In any mode, on any surface, the car handling is sublime and the physics system is thrillingly accurate. A devastating new damage engine ensures players feel every bump in the road, every loose rock and every inch of shifting gravel under their wheels as they fight to keep control of their cars at breathtaking speeds.


  • Racing Modes Galore – In DiRT players compete not only in rally racing, but also in a wide variety of other racing types, including Hill Climb, Rally Raid, Rally Cross, C.O.R.R. and Crossover/SuperSpecial stages.

  • Built From The Ground Up – Powered by Codemasters new Neon game engine, DiRT was built from the ground up for next-gen gaming systems and the PC, delivering highly detailed and reactive environments with animated 3D crowds, moveable objects, physics and more.

  • It's All About Damage – The new Neon engine provides real-world car physics allowing for more advanced collisions and an uncomparable damage system, including a fully deformable car shell.

  • Can I See That Again – Yes you can, and in slow motion to boot. DiRT features an all-new camera replay system, which allows gamers to watch all their racing successes and failures over and over again. With slow motion, rewind, multiple camera angles, and more, gamers can now watch any crash repeatedly until their eyes are bleeding tears of joy.

  • The Best Vehicles – DiRT sports highly desirable, licensed cars covering multiple classes, including specialized cars such as raid trucks and hill climbers.

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