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Champion Joe DVD

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Title Name : Champion Joe / 鐵拳浪子电影&
Item Code : MIR 1403
Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 1 Disc (Movie)
Subtitles : Chinese / English / Malay
Screen Format : DVD / NTSC & All Region Code

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Joe is dispatched to prison for a year. There he meets pro-boxer Toru Rikiishi who belongs to Yoko's sports stable. Yoko arranges an exhibition match for the two....

The story takes place in the last century, the sixties and the seventies. The growing civilian areas in Tokyo Yabuki husband born fighting experts, usually motionless and dry rack. The former boxer Dan under paragraph level to see that he has extraordinary talent, and trying to be the introduction of boxing.

Husband into a reformatory. Where he met strong boxing Acupressure stone Toru begun to taste the taste of defeat to force stone from husband hit punch aware of his potential. Husband and force competitors stone became hostile to each other and appreciate each other. In order to overcome the force of stone, the husband began to exercise commenced practice law sent under paragraph level.
Force Stone, first-out correctional facilities. He joined the backing of a large chaebol large modern boxing ring in the the beautiful the Boxing field host Shiraki leaves support force Stone to win again and again, become a boxing star. At the same time, the husband in the broken bridge Boxing Stadium and paragraph level Gifted. With cross counterattack boxing "give full play to their instincts, husbands also the boxing played the popular.
Power Stone boxing is about to climb on the pinnacle, he hoped to compete for the world title before the decisive battle with the husband than a. Force Stone became the husband of professional boxer game of his long-cherished wish. Between the two men not only strength and record the gap the the critical weight difference is they can not confront each other in the game. Force stone desperate to substantial weight loss, weight fell to the husband belongs bantamweight. Could not stand it leaves the good offices efforts, let play against. Her powerful enemies on the nickname "the killing machine" wolf gold string arrangements husband, and request force stone forget husband. Force stone leaves said: "In fact, the truly obsessed husband you." This sentence leaves to see their heart was shaken.
Husband and forces the stone finally crossed the walls of hindering their duel. Boxing Holy Land Korakuen Stadium, the two embark on a fatalistic Quantai ...