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Call Me CA / CA to Oyobi DVD

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Title Name : Call Me CA / CA to Oyobi DVD Number of Discs : 3 DVDs (11 episodes) Starring : Mizuki Arisa, Sawamura Ikki, Karina, Kawahara Ayako, Tanihara Sh Dialogue / Language : Japanese Subtitles : English/Chinese/Malay Regions Coding : NTSC, All Regions

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Mizuki Arisa plays a flight attendant named "Sae" for a fictional airline called "Aero Nippon Lines". She is 28 years old and has been a flight attendant for three years. Originally she became a flight attendant to get back at a boyfriend who dumped her for a flight attendant. She thought this career choice would make her popular with the opposite sex and that she would quickly get married and live happily ever after.

But of course things don't always go so smoothly in reality. Sae finds that it's a busy job that affords her very little spare time for dating. In fact, she hasn't had a single boyfriend since she started working as a flight attendant. She still hasn't given up on hitting on the newest pilot or attractive passenger though of course. She also finds that the work itself is not as glamorous as it has been made out to be. Waiting on impatient passengers and cleaning up their messes for them is not as good as it sounds.

Every week, Sae announces that she is quitting her job as a flight attendant, but she never actually does. Due to lots of built up stress, Sae starts having sudden unpredictable outbursts in front of the passengers while on the job, saying things like, "Call me CA!" Most of these get her in big trouble, but some of them actually succeed in helping to calm the passengers. It is this unpredictability that yields positive results which makes her decide to continue the job.