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Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 3 pcs
Starring : 武井 咲 EMI TAKEI 江口洋
Subtitles : Chi/Eng

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About account burdened with the frustrations fate of black households girl learned the secret of their birth, and traumatized, age similar to the man and his father met miss, suffered yet they oppose, but still attracted to each other, slowly approaching the story, it can be said the most impact is the saddest summer social class love family ethics drama. Takei played Tanizaki Ling (19 years old) is a hope for the future, like all 19-year-old girl innocent girl, but inadvertently learned that "no account" cruel fate, fall into a suspected "own in fact does not exist in this world "into the abyss of despair. At this time, she met with his paternal age-matched men • Tree Hill Ryuichiro through interoperability mind, seek him a glimmer of light and comfort. Yosuke Eguchi played mind severely traumatized men • Tree Hill Ryuichiro (41 years old), a 41-year-old former news reporter. He worked for the Ministry of well-known newspaper society has a sense of justice and the moment you want to rescue the weak cool head, is also interviewed countless events and exclusive news published excellent reporter. However, after the occurrence of an event to change the fate of the Tree Hill, frustrated, he resigned from the work of reporters. As the night shift temporary staff in the district government, living quietly in the corner of the city. And Ling's mother for some reason did not submit her daughter's birth proved resulting in her 19 years has been is a "black households" population Ling in the know of the fact that after their break, played by Yoshino Kimura is one such as and daughter relationship between distressed women Tanizaki leaves (39 years old). The chance and Ling met the love of the heart to its rising, living in a family environment, lonely hearts of young people • Kusano (22 years old) From the village of Cang Guangtai played. Dissatisfied because nasty wife leaves passed on to Ling who's grandmother • Tanizaki Hong thread (62 years old), by Asada Miyoko played the. There are only in Ling ling work will come to work dessert enigmatic man • and Natsume week for (63 years old) by Kitaoji Kinya played. Around for weeks to extort money from poor eyes man of Ayukawa Acer (39 years old) by Kaname played. Interpersonal relationships, they are woven pregnant with complex and shocking facts, but also had a significant impact on the relationship between tree mountain and Ling, dense fog, suspense after another ...
Rei Tanizaki (Emi Takei) discovers a secret involving her birth and falls into despair. She meets ex-newspaper reporter Ryuichiro Kiyama (Yosuke Eguchi) and faces her fate. Ryuichiro Kiyama worked as a newspaper reporter, but due to an incident quit his job and now works as a temporary employee in the district office.