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Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 3 pcs
Starring : 丸山 隆平 RYUHEI MARUYAMA 南 ą
Subtitles : Chi/Eng

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The now 29-year-old Tian Westminster line (, Maruyama Ryuhei ornaments), is a salesman for a toy company. Although nearly standing, but plain, he has yet to make to a girlfriend, work performance is not outstanding, just like a standard scrap wood. Perhaps God have mercy, By chance he Familiarize love pear decorated with beautiful girls Uemura Chiharu (flat). In the Mammoth Company star salesman Aoyama planning, Toshiyuki and Chiharu closer and closer. However, a misunderstanding destroyed Toshiyuki belated love affair, his with Chiharu neighbor A spike sudden misunderstanding resulting Chiharu deserted switch Castle Peak embrace. The Castle Peak romantic, of Chiharu discarding. On the one hand was abandoned, on the one hand and run off a child, Chiharu despair. Angry Toshiyuki Castle Peak duel

Toshiyuki Tanishi (Ryuhei Maruyama) is 27-year-old single guy, who has never had a girlfriend in his whole life. He works for small toy company, Saida Company. People view Toshiyuki Tanishi as stupid and the last person who will achieve success. Meanwhile, Toshiyuki has feelings for co-worker Chiharu (Akina Minami), but is unable to approach Chiharu. Instead, Toshiyuki goes to telephone clubs or watch adult videos.

One day, Toshiyuki gets along with the salesman Aoyama (Takumi Saito), from rival company Manmos. With Aoyama's suggestion, Toshiyuki is finally able to have dinner with Chiharu. After dinner, Toshiyuki and  Chiharu miss the last train and go to a hotel.