Why so many Anime or Manga turned into Live Action Dramas?
This time around has been feeling good at this film "Bakuman”, released in the first week and topped the first place. Live-Action Heroine Shikkaku tops Attack on Titan at Weekend Box Office But no matter who is the winner, the most disappointed would be "Attack on Titan live-action"! with the negative reviews of part 1 & part 2. But we should also have found out there is three movies at the top of box office are adapted from comics. Whether drama or film, which over the past few years the Japanese remake of “Live action drama“, even though the audience has tired to even disgusted, but you know why they still refused to stop it?

1. The planning work of Live Action Movie is relatively easy to pass

Unless it is well-known scrip writer wrote the original script, other wise original story or general story are less likely to go through the sponsors.

2. It's easier to forecast on box office or ratings.

In the production of Japanese TV drama or movies, if is comic adaption, the forecast will based on the sales of manga. Especially if they are popular manga, the support of original manga fans are expected as well, after all it would be less risky.

3. It's easier to obtain production cost.

Once the executives are convinced, the sponsors are more willing to invest based on the forecast as we stated in point 2.

While the trouble of Live Action Movie is “casting”, usually the popularity of actor and actress will take in as consideration and it might not meet the expectation of original manga fans, thus it will definitely affect the box office.