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Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 3 pcs
Starring : Cast 藤藤谷 太輔 TAISUKE FUJIGAYA
Subtitles : Chi/Eng

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Protagonist Chi Village Toru level (vine ヶ Valley too auxiliary) childhood to become a marathon runner to dream, as a police officer father dereliction missing, he becomes a local evil jurists of adverse juvenile, the vision of his father and the pursuit of friendship and dreams and join the police academy. , While rattan ヶ Valley childhood feel the police are heroes, and hope that this can become a mass hero.

As a child, Teppei Shimura (Taisuke Fujigaya) watched his father, a police officer, ride his white police motorcycle next to marathon runners. At that time, Teppei wanted to become a marathon runner. Later, his father was fired from his job and his father then went missing. Teppei also got injured and his life has become a mess. He is well known as a troubled kid.After Teppei graduates from high school, he decides to become a policeman on the advice of his childhood friend Yuichi. Teppei passes his test miraculously and is accepted into a police academy.On the first day at the police school, Teppei wakes up late and gets to class late. He goes to S class where he is assigned. The classroom consists of a makeshift housing on a rooftop. There are 8 other students there including Danshi Tachibana (Hiromitsu Kitayama), who was born and raised by a rich family, Hiro Momoe (Ayame Gouriki), who decides to become a police officer to make her life more stable life and Teppei's childhood friend Yuichi.As soon as Teppei sits in a chair, the instructor Naoki Sakuraba (Tetta Sugimoto) and teaching assistant Misaki Ryuzaki (Hikari Ishida) appear in the classroom. Misaki calls out Teppei, blaming Teppei for being late and even slaps him.

This is only the beginning for the students in S class. The students are ordered to clean the campus daily by Misaki. Finally, Teppei's anger gets the better of him. Misaki tells Teppei that the students in S class are actually reserve students for anyone that drop outs of the regular police academy.