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At the Soul of an Actor / Yakusha Damashii! DVD

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Title Name : At the Soul of an Actor / Yakusha Damashii! DVD Number of Discs : 3 DVDs (11 episodes) Starring : Matsu Takako, Fujita Makoto, Moriyama Mirai, Katou Mirai, Katou Dialogue / Language : Japanese Subtitles : English/Chinese/Malay Regions Coding : NTSC, All Regions

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From the writer of the "Bayside Shakedown" series comes the story of a female manager and an actor who will perform nothing but Shakespeare.

Karasuyama Hitomi (Matsu Takako) is a manager who works at a major talent agency. She lost her parents when she was a child. Being all alone in this world, it's her motto to enjoy life to the fullest, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. When she sees a stranger, she has the habit of daydreaming about that person's life. That's how she has fought loneliness.

In Hitomi's talent agency, there's a veteran actor whom everyone calls Sensei. Honnoji Kaizo (Fujita Makoto) appears only in Shakespeare plays. Due to both his stubbornness and selfishness, even his family finds him annoying. Thus, he is always alone.

One day Hitomi—who used to be the manager of a popular actor—is reassigned as Kaizo's manager. Meanwhile, Aikawa Mamoru (Moriyama Mirai) has come to this talent agency as an accountant. There, he meets a young talented actress by the name of Azusa Rina (Katou Rosa)...