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Asia's leading online shopping destination, providing access to a ton of anime titles , the latest TVB Series, Korean & Japanese Dramas & TV Series, including a whole selection of the newest snacks from Japan and Korea.

But you know what? It's not really about us. It's about you. It's about getting your entertainment needs met here, connects you with hard to get anime; DVDs and games, helping you compare prices and select the best product to fulfill your individual need.

We are founded to Empower Consumers as in the late 2007s, after a frustrating experience shopping online, We founded Playtech-Asia, an innovative company designed to give consumers more control over their shopping experience. Playtech-Asia became the first online marketplace to connect hard to find products with relative ease of shopping with great prices.

Our Member

When Playtech-Asia.com's co-founder made this observation many years ago, he was defining how he viewed the endless possibilities for online convenience shopping. He set the tone and direction for a young company called PlayTech-Asia.com, and today those same words inspire a new generation of Playtech-Asia.com employees. Our goal is to carry on his mission of innovative thinking, whether to develop product lines that help satisfy our customer's needs, or to create business opportunities that set Playtech-Asia.com apart from the competition and provide value for our customers.
Sammy A.

Sammy A. (General Manager)

Oversees PlayTech-Asia.com's marketing and sales functions, as well as the day-to-day business operations.

VK L. (Art Director)

Makes decisions about visual elements to be used on PlayTech-Asia.com
Mike T.

Mike T. (Assistant Manager)

Support Sammy A. in the day-to-day running of PlayTech-Asia.com
Indra P

Indra P (Operation Manager)

Controlling the process ordering and delivering in the production of PlayTech-Asia.com
Zack B.

Zack B. (Customer Service Consultant)

Work with customers to find out their needs and how the product or service will fit those needs.
Jennifer L.

Jennifer L. (Customer Service Consultant)

Work with customers to find out their needs and how the product or service will fit those needs.

Momo (Entertainment Department Head)

Staff management in Entertainment Department.

Miyo (Entertainment Representative)

Reduces signs of stress, brings employees together.

Flappy (Entertainment Representative)

Promotes a healthier working environment by encouraging regular breaks and exercise.