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Nirvana In Fire DVD (China Drama)

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Title Name : Nirvana In Fire
Version : Mandarin
Number of Discs : 9 DVDs
Episodes : 1 - 47 End
Starring : Hu Ge/Liu Tao/Wang Kai/Victor Huang/Chen Long
Subtitles : Chinese / English (On/Off)
Screen Format : All code, Region Free

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In sixth century China, there was war between feudal Northern Wei and Southern Liang dynasties. The Liang commander general, Lin Xie, his 19-year-old son, Lin Shu, and the Chiyan Army defeated hostile Wei forces. However, when the Chiyan were weakened from the battle, they were massacred under the Emperor's orders. Unknown to the king, the Chiyan were framed by political rivals, who claimed that they were conspiring a rebellion with the then-crown prince, Prince Qi. As a result, Prince Qi and members of the Lin manor were also unjustly executed, with Qi's mother, Consort Chen, and Lin Shu's mother, committing suicide.